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App Industry experts with over 5+ years of experience who cater to our users.

We are focused on creating and publishing practical and conventional software for both mobile, and desktop devices with over 500,000+ total users using our apps worldwide. Applications developed range from native android apps to HTML5 web apps.

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who we are

A mobile app / software publishing and development company.

what we do

Develop and publish applications that run on a multitude of different devices.

how we do it

By adapting to the ongoing changes in the software industries and researching newer technologies.

our goal is to provide software to

solve daily

Problems, or troubles people come across on a regular basis.

Types Of Products

At TELTEQ we offer a wide variety of software applications, and are evergrowing.

Statistical Market Data

We provide mobile and web applications to help users track their personal investments in stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies.

Practical Applications

Practical applications include daily use general mobile apps that solve common problems people have, such as note taking, or building apps that do arithmetic calculations for students and workers.

Entertainment Applications

Entertainment apps are fun apps that users may want to use on the fly to pass the time. These include instruments, drawing utilities, or photo manipulation programs.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality software applications are customed to many use cases, involving training programs or providing statistical data in an augmented environment for better visuals.

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