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App Industry experts with over 5+ years of experience who cater to our users.

We are focused on creating and publishing practical and conventional software for both mobile, and desktop devices with over 500,000+ total users using our apps worldwide. Applications developed range from native android apps to HTML5 web apps.

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who we are

A mobile app / software publishing and development company.


what we do

Develop and publish applications that run on a multitude of different devices.


how we do it

By adapting to the ongoing changes in the software industries and researching newer technologies.


our goal is to provide software to

solve daily

Problems, or troubles people come across on a regular basis.

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Released Applications

We offer a wide range of mobile / web applications and software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer IOS mobile applications?

We do but not for all of our apps currently out in the android market. We are hoping to port them all over. Web applications such as our crypto currency tracking website does however run on all mobile and desktop device browsers.

What is your refund policy for paid applications?

If you feel the application is unusable or simply not working on your devices as expected, you can request a full refund on the paid application. In such cases we may ask to provide screenshots of the problem so we can see the issue, and eventually try to push out a bug fix for any future users. Your assistance in providing details about the issue is always greatly appreciated.

Would you be able to add this feature to the app?

Occasionally users will ask for the inclusion of a certain feature, if you believe our app should have this feature then you can request it. We will consider carefully reviewing it, and deciding whether to include it for later build of the application if others request it also. We always appreciate feedback from our users, and if there is a feature you would like to see, then don't hesitate to share it with us as others may have requested it also.

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